Help us change the world by changing your sheets.

Our mission at Nour Luxury isn’t only to produce luxurious, highest quality bedding at affordable prices, but it is also to ensure we are changing lives in the process & making a positive impact in the world.

9 reasons why you should choose nour luxury bedding.

Luxuriously Soft

We are the only bedding company in the UK that starts from the soil. We meticulously craft all our fabrics from scratch. We start with quality organic soil & high-grade organic seeds to create the finest cotton threads in the world. This results in the purest, highly breathable & most luxuriously soft bedding that will age gracefully.

We truly believe we make the best bedding & have helped over 2,000 customers sleep 10 times better! Check out our 700+ 5 Star customer reviews.



Majority of the major bedding brands in the Uk do not know where their cotton is specifically grown. Don’t believe us? Go ahead and ask them! They won’t be able to tell you.

This information is always lost due to the number of middlemen involved until the cotton reaches the factory & therefore the cycle of chemical drenched cotton continues.

We want to put a stop to this thus we highly value transparency. We know our entire supply chain, exactly which soil each ounce of our organic cotton comes from. So, you can rest assure you’re not inhaling or absorbing anything toxic when sleeping. 


Finest Organic Cotton GOTS certified

We only use the finest, highest certified organic cotton in our bedding. Which means no toxic dyes, chemicals or pesticides was used at any stage.

Our organic cotton is grown in small Fairtrade farms in India, using only non-GMO seeds and recycled rain water. Our cotton is then handpicked by our farmers, weaved in factories that are run by solar panels and dyed using only natural, plant based GOTS Certified dyes & finished with coconut shell buttons!

By saying No to conventional cotton, we are playing our role to try & change the cotton and bedding industry in the UK that needs it!



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Certified Fair-Trade UK

Nearly 30 people in the farming sector die by suicide daily in India due to low wages and we want to help change this. That is why we’re not only passionate about organic cotton sheets, but we also want to make sure we look after those who make them.

We are fair trade certified, which means our farms & factories are certified as safe, free of discrimination, child labour and receive benefits. We pay a premium to ensure our cotton farmers work in good conditions, receive good prices, benefits and education. 

With every purchase you help us support 105 Organic & Fair-Trade Farms, 836 Farmers and families and 250 fair trade mill workers. We are proud to help make difference in our artisan’s life that make these luxuries possible.


Ask anyone, we truly sell the softest sheets in the world!

We have been featured in the Vogue twice! As well as House Beautiful, Idealhome, huffpost & Daily Express!

Vogue describes our sheets as ‘’not only is their organic bedding truly luxuriously soft and gets softer with each wash! It is also lightweight and breathable’’.

Still don’t believe us? Check out 700+ 5 Star Reviews by our Customers!


Free delivery & returns + 30-night trial

We’re so confident you will love our bedding that we offer a 30-night trial period. 

Try it for a month, if you don’t find them to be the softest, most comfortable sheets you have ever slept in, you can return them for a full refund! 

We also offer complimentary free delivery & returns in the UK



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Sustainable packaging

We don’t pack our sheets in typical plastic packaging. Instead, our luxurious organic sheets come packed in their own individual fabric bags to protect them. 

These bags are made from leftover fabric from our sheets! So, no fabric is gone to waste in landfill. Our gift box is also made from recycled materials.

These bags & boxes can be reused as storage again and again! 


We Build water wells with each purchase

With every product sold, we donate a percentage of the sale to the charity ‘’Penny Appeal, Thirst relief project.’’ 

Building water wells in developing countries. 

Providing reliable access to safe, clean water for years to come which can save thousands of lives every day. Your purchase, no matter how small, makes a big difference.


Direct to you

Because we work directly with our farmers and manufacturers and sell directly to our customers, we get to cut out the middleman, therefore our luxurious organic sheets are not overpriced, and we get to pass the savings along to you. 



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At Nour Luxury, you’re not just buying luxury bedding. You’re helping us change lives.

We make Bedding that is good for the you, good for the environment, and good for the people who make it.

Start Sleeping Better with us!