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We understand the different thread counts and weave styles of bedding can be confusing. So, at Nour Luxury we’ve made things simple.

Our organic luxury bed sheets are all made from long staple, single ply, 300 thread count, sateen weave. This creates the perfect balance of breathability and luxury. 

It takes more than just thread count to make the perfect sheet.


Craftsmanship of Our Luxury Bed Sheets:




At Nour Luxury, we only use organic long staple cotton, the same staple used in Egyptian cotton bedding.

Long staple cotton produces the longest, strongest and finest fibres. This means our organic bed sheets have superior levels of purity, quality, durability, and softness.

Short staple cotton is the least desirable, as short fibres poke out of the weave, producing coarse, weak fabric. Products made from these fibres typically go unlabelled.

If a product says it's "100% cotton" but doesn't list the staple length, it’s most likely short staple cotton. Companies using long-staple want you to know their product is superior.









At Nour Luxury, we exclusively use single ply yarn for our organic sheets.

Single ply yarn is only spun from long staple cotton. The result is strong, soft, and gracefully ageing organic bedding.

Multi ply yarns are used for only one reason: to reduce the cost of manufacturing. Shorter fibre is usually twisted to create a longer thread and false strength, leading them to break down faster and feel coarser.






Using only long staple, single ply organic cotton, allows us to construct our luxury bed sheets using only 80 and 60 yarn count threads. The rule is: the higher the yarn count, the lower the weight of the fabric. So, 80 and 60 yarn counts are the finest available for organic cotton sheets.

40 and 20 yarn count threads produce thick, heavy and coarse sheets.







For our luxury bed sheets, we chose a sateen finish. The sateen weave gives our organic cotton bedding a signature soft, silky feel and luminous sheen.

Sateen weave is tightly woven which allows the sheets to be slightly heavier in weight than percale. In comparison to percale, the sateen weave sheets are warmer but breathable, making them ideal for year-round comfort.





High thread count doesn’t always mean better sheets.

Instead, manufacturers often mislead consumers by stating high thread counts on packages, yet the sheets feel like sand paper.

That is because manufacturers have been calculating every fibre used in multi ply thread to increase their thread count, which makes the fabric coarse.

So, high thread count sheets do not equate to quality or luxury… In fact, it actually means the opposite.

At Nour Luxury, all our organic sheets have a 300-thread count and are all made of single ply yarn. This ensures the organic bedding you buy will provide the best night’s sleep.



What Makes Us Different?


Recently, a few big US retailers have taken down thousands of beds sheets off the shelves after they found out that the manufacturers had sold them mislabelled products. The reality was they were selling fake Egyptian cotton bedding!

At Nour Luxury, we believe that customers buying organic cotton sheets in the UK should know where they came from. So, all our luxury bed sheets have a traceable source.

Our long staple cotton is organically grown and handpicked in India, at small Fairtrade farms owned by the farmers themselves. The organic cotton is sorted with great care and then labelled in a unique system to guarantee traceability of cotton right back to the farm.

We go the extra mile by tracing back to the origin of our organic cotton bed sheets. We want customers to feel confident in the knowledge that our products are organic, authentic and free from chemicals.

As we sell online directly to consumers, we are able to remove the layers of unnecessary cost. This allows us to deliver the best possible value to our customers.




We also believe in sustainable packaging. We don’t pack our sheets in typical plastic packaging. Instead, our luxurious organic sheets come packed in their own individual fabric bags to protect them. These bags are made from leftover fabric from our sheets! So, no fabric is gone to waste. These bags can be reused again and again! Our gift box is also made from recycled material.

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14 reviews
Beautifully soft organic cotton

Very happy with the new organic bed linen, beautifully presented in a box and cotton bags! Worth the money, comfort with a gentle touch on the planet.

Very happy customer

Sleeping so much better with these sheets, beautiful high quality bedding. Very soft indeed!

5 stars

Incredibly soft & wash well. Great customer service. Definitely recommend!

Dont hesitate. Worth it

Wanted to revamp my bed with quality bedding, i decided to give nour luxury a try as they are organic, so i got myself the luxury set. so glad i did! i love them! cannot wait to get into bed every night. they wash like a dream and get softer each time! will definitely be buying more!

Warm and snugly

These sheets have changed the way i sleep. Incredibly soft and they seem to adjust to my temperature. Great quality product, beautiful colour, im obsessed! I must add the delivery was fast too.