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Why Organic Cotton?


So much goes on behind the scenes in the bedding industry that we do not know enough about and thus an unfortunate hidden cycle continues with most people simply unaware of the truth.



We firmly believe that with knowledge and by raising awareness of what goes on in the bedding industry, the use of conventional cotton and the negative effects it has on our Earth and Humanity, people will feel empowered in their choices which can help to create a positive change.



Cotton is often depicted as a Pure, Clean, Natural fabric. But the truth is that Non-Organic Cotton is commonly considered to be the World’s Dirtiest Crop.




We spend a third of our lives in bed, and for this reason, the environment we sleep in has a pretty big impact on our overall health. The fabric we meet during sleep, we touch for a third of our day.

But the question is what are you wrapping yourself in at night & what is your skin absorbing?

Below we compare the impact of sleeping on 100% Organic Cotton Sheets compared to GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) cotton sheets available at standard retails. 






The soil association reports that cotton accounts for 23% of the worlds insecticide use and 10% of the worlds pesticide use, which are shocking figures.


Many of the pesticides commonly used on dirty cotton was originally engineered as toxic nerve agents during WWII. Potent nerve gas which is fatal to humans.


Even though the cotton undergoes many processes, the traces of these chemicals remain, the chemical residue stay trapped in the threads, which our skin absorbs.


Here are only some of the names of the lethal chemicals used to grow and process cotton.







These chemicals have serious side effects, respiratory failure, irregular heartbeats, birth defects, nerve damage, to name a few.

These chemicals are exposed in higher concentration to the farmers, toxic dust then spreads on the wind, infecting bodies of water, other crops, human habitation, and the earth itself. 

Nearly 77 million non-organic cotton farmers suffer poisoning from harmful chemicals each year.

Sadly, they kill millions of beneficial insects, birds, and animals every year. And, in so doing, unbalances the foodchain, putting multiple species at risk of localized extinction.

Organic cotton is grown WITHOUT the use of any synthetic, artificial fertilisers.


GOTS certification guarantees that NO potential toxic pesticides and chemicals are used in production and processing of the cotton. GOTS ensures all chemicals used such as dyes meet the strict requirements on toxicity and biodegradability.


No chemical residues are trapped in the cotton threads. So our skin does not absorb anything harmful.


Growing organic cotton keeps farmers and their families safe. They are not exposed to toxic chemicals in the field or through their food and water supply.




Skin absorbs many of the chemicals used to produce and process the cotton.

Many of these chemicals are classified as toxic and hazardous by the ‘World Health Organisation’


The chemicals that are used to produce Cotton are known to cause skin allergies such as Eczema, Dermatitis, Allergic Skin Rashes, Hives, Rosacea,Acne, Dermatomyositis and even Skin Cancer.


These chemicals not only have effect on skin, they can cause respiratory problems, hormonal imbalance, reproductive effects, birth defects, heart palpitations, nerve damage, and cancer


There are no chemical retentions from organic cotton therefore people with allergies, skin conditions or with specific chemical sensitivity will greatly benefit from using organic cotton fabrics. 


It feels better on your skin too, organic cotton is a lot softer. even if you are not suffering from allergies or chemical sensitivities you will notice these changes too.


In addition, most of those who are loyal to organic cotton swear that it smells better than the usual cotton types.




No mandatory audits or checks are made to ensure it is what it says on the pack. Recently a few big US retailers have taken down thousands of beds sheets off the shelves, after learning manufacturers had sold them fake Egyptian cotton products!


The Manufacturing process includes harmful chemicals, toxic dyes, and bleaches.


Poor working condition, child labour, women trafficking.

Organic bedding is safer as manufacturers adhere to very rigid and stricter manufacturing standards.  This is not only to minimize negative impact to the environment but to ensure customer value as well by subscribing to very high ethical standards such as Fairtrade Cotton.

Manufacturing process do not use toxic dyes, bleaches or chemicals to treat the fabrics.


Most organic fabrics are traceable to the farms thus customers can be confident when purchasing. 


Factory workers are treated fairly, they work in good conditions and receive benefits. Child labour and trafficking is prohibited. 




Genetically modified seeds are used. GMO seeds can be up to 10 times more expensive than regular cotton seeds. Many farmers fall into a cycle of debt. Buying GMO seed and chemicals then fail to yield enough.


Conventional cotton wastes a lot of water, 20,000 litres of water or even more is usually needed to produce only 1kg of cotton. Which equals to one T-shirt and a pair of jeans. This threatens future global water security.


hazardous synthetic pesticides are used to grow the cotton which harm farmers lives and the environment.

Untreated organic cotton seeds are cheaper for farmers.


No toxic chemicals are used in the growing of organic cotton. It doesn’t damage the soil due to crop rotation, has less impact on the air, and uses 71% less water and 62% less energy.


100% eco-friendly, leads to better health for farmers, and beneficial insects, birds and animals.


By choosing Organic cotton, you can obtain all the benefits of cotton's beauty, enjoy its comfort and durability whilst minimizing harm to humans and our planet.



Did you know, our long-staple cotton is organically grown and handpicked in India, at small Fairtrade farms owned by farmers. The Organic cotton is sorted with great care and then labelled in a unique system to guarantee the traceability of cotton right back to the farm. So you know where your organic cotton bed sheets have come from.

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Beautifully soft organic cotton

Very happy with the new organic bed linen, beautifully presented in a box and cotton bags! Worth the money, comfort with a gentle touch on the planet.

Very happy customer

Sleeping so much better with these sheets, beautiful high quality bedding. Very soft indeed!

5 stars

Incredibly soft & wash well. Great customer service. Definitely recommend!

Dont hesitate. Worth it

Wanted to revamp my bed with quality bedding, i decided to give nour luxury a try as they are organic, so i got myself the luxury set. so glad i did! i love them! cannot wait to get into bed every night. they wash like a dream and get softer each time! will definitely be buying more!

Warm and snugly

These sheets have changed the way i sleep. Incredibly soft and they seem to adjust to my temperature. Great quality product, beautiful colour, im obsessed! I must add the delivery was fast too.