How to Relax Before Bed: Tips to Help You Unwind

How to relax before bed

Wondering how to relax your body before bed?

There are endless benefits of destressing and relaxing every day before going to sleep. Unwinding ensures a great night’s rest! From lowering the chance of heart attacks to preventing depression, relaxing before bed has many benefits.

Therefore, try to take some time out for yourself at the end of a busy, tiring day, to help your body unwind before bed. Failing to do so often results in lying in bed wide awake, with the stress building up, making it difficult to fall asleep.

So, it’s important to clear your mind before bed.

Below we have some ideas for you to incorporate into your night time routine to help you unwind. Here’s how to relax before bed.

Keep Your Feet Warm

It may sound peculiar, but, keep your feet warm! That’s right, warm feet help you relax.

This is because when your body and feet are warm, you feel more comfortable.

This, in turn, helps you feel relaxed and allows you to get to sleep more easily.

Feet are the most crucial part of the body when it comes to regulating your body temperature. So, next time you unwind before bed, try wearing socks, fluffy slippers or keep a blanket over your feet, as this will help you get into the mood of comfort and relaxation.

Dim the Lights in the Evening

There are many ways to help you relax before bed! Dimming the lights is just one of them.

Bright lights around the house keep your brain alert and energetic, therefore lighting is very important when trying to create a relaxing environment.

Dimming the lights around the house an hour before bed will signal your body to prepare for bed.

The gentle glow from the dim lights will help your body and mind to relax. Try dimming the lights while listening to some relaxing instrumental music, as this will help your mind reach the state of relaxation in no time!

Turn Off All Electronic Devices

When it comes to relaxing before bed, it’s a good idea to detox from your electronics. Putting down your phone is one of the ways to calm your mind to sleep!

It’s best to make a routine to shut down all electronic devices between half an hour and an hour before bed. Don’t switch them back on until morning. This includes phones, laptops, TV, tablets etc. Social media, emails and the light from the electronic device keeps your brain alert.

Take a Soothing Bath 

A soothing, warm bath with a few candles is one of the best ways to calm down before bed. A bath is always the perfect way to destress and relax!

Make it part of your night time routine to soak in calming bath bombs, bath salts, or even some essential oils! The smell of essential oils helps your mind relax, while bath salts help detox your body.

Sip Warm, Calming Drinks

Sipping on a warm beverage after a soothing bath is always the perfect way to unwind.

Try drinking a warm cup of milk before bed, as milk helps you sleep. Chamomile tea with honey is also an excellent way to unwind and make your sleep more restfully.

How to relax before bed

Practice Light Yoga/Meditation

Light yoga with some breathing exercises helps your body wind down before bed. If you’re a spiritual person, we would also recommend praying or meditation.

All these light activities will get you into the alpha state of mind, which means a light daydream, and relaxation state. Relaxing before sleep is essential to wake up stress-free the next day.

Read a Relaxing Book

Wondering how to wind down? Pick up your favourite novel!

Reading a book that you enjoy is a great way to get your body to relax and induce sleep, as fictional stories help you escape reality, by creating an oasis of peace and easing tensions.

We recommend a paperback book rather than an e-book!

If you have children, reading to them before bed can help you feel sleepy also. The benefits are endless!

Write Down Your Thoughts

If the stress of your day-to-day job isn’t letting you unwind, then we recommend taking an hour before bed to sit down and write down a to-do list for the next day.

If you have worrying thoughts, write them down with ways to solve it. After that, put it away and look at in the morning. This is a great way to clear your mind before bed!

Make Your Bedroom Your Sanctuary

There are many ways to relax and sleep, but making your bedroom a sanctuary is by far the most important!

Your bedroom should give off a relaxed atmosphere! So, ensure your walls are painted in serene colours, that you have good black out curtains and that there are no distractions.

Your mattress and pillows should be comfortable, as well as your bedding! Rough, thick sheets will cause you to overheat and interrupt your sleep, therefore try replacing them with our 100% organic cotton, luxuriously soft bedding.

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