Wash Care

We know you can’t wait to try your new Nour Luxury Products, but before you do, we wanted to share some tips on how to take good care of them for you to enjoy the products for years to come.

Since every product is made from the finest organic cotton, the fabric is soft, durable and resilient.




We would advise to wash them before you use them for an ideal fit since they aren’t pre-shrunk in chemicals like most sheets.




Place your new GOTs Certified Organic cotton sheets in the washing machine on its own, separate from your other laundry, to avoid any pilling due to abrasion with other fabrics.




When washing bed sheets, put on gentle or delicate cycle.




Please do not use high temperatures when washing your 100% Organic Cotton sheets as it harms the natural fibres of the cotton. Cold wash or 30ºC is the most suitable for cotton.




Use a liquid detergent for delicate fabrics. If using powder please dissolve before you add your sheets. Use only half the laundry detergent you would normally use for a full load. Half the normal amount of detergent is sufficient to clean your sheets and will reduce the damage to fibers.




Because cotton is a natural fibre, the washing process will cause it to soften itself; there is no need to add fabric conditioner, which can clog the pores of the fabric and cause it to lose its sheen.




Remove your sheets immediately from the washing machine to prevent creasing. We would advise to air dry your sheets in the sun, while this is not always practical, you can tumble dry, it is best to choose the lowest temperature possible as high heat damages the fabric. Shake sheets between washing and drying to minimize wrinkles.




Do NOT bleach or use bleach alternatives to avoid discolouration.




If you Want a crisp look use a warm iron.


Remember, your new Organic cotton sheets will get softer and softer after each washing, drying and ironing!
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Organic White Fitted Sheet – 100% Natural Cotton

All Round Wonderful bedding

We have had Nour Luxury bedding for the last 5 years and love it, it is a pleasure to get into every night. I feels luxurious, it seems to wash and last really well and it's organic supporting farmers as well. I can't think what more I'd want from a bedding set.


Wonderfully cosy and smooth bedding - I hope you guys are back in business soon!

Great value!

We have been buying Nour bedding for some years - beautifully packaged, lasts very well as is great quality. my favourite is cool percale in white

Real luxury

Lovely bedding - feels so soft and comforting against the body

Great organic cottage product.

Fabulous quality and wonderful size

I love knowing that we're sleeping with bed linen that has been fairly traded under the robust Fairtrade scheme, and is such high quality.

Poor customer service

As my order did not arrive, I contacted the company on three different occasions but received no reply at all. I was beginning to think I had been scammed but as I paid through PayPal I asked them to intervene. I received my order approx five days later with a message that the company was closing down and as there was a limited number of staff my order was delayed ?????? The whole experience left a very poor impression


Lovely silvery colour and sheen, making a nice contrast and change from our other bedding. And of course the cotton itself is as silky soft and luxurious as ever 🙂

Honest cotton

Well done for providing an exceptional quality product while taking care of those further down the supply chain, if only there were more companies with such integrity.

My duvet set and sheets are so comfortable and soft to the skin, like clouds.

Lovely quality

Lovely quality. Thank you

Very good quality

I have used your bedding for the last few years and have been very pleased with the wear and quality of the product, would thoroughly recommend them.

Beautiful ethically sourced bed linen. This is my 3rd Oder highly recommended.

As ordered......

The sheets I received were exactly as I had ordered, I haven't used them yet but if they are anything like my previous order they should be more than adequate....

Love getting into bed with these

I've now bought fives sets from Nour Luxury (gave one away as a present, hoarded the rest for me) and love them all. Makes getting into bed a literal luxury.

Really nice bedding

As before, the bedding is lovely to sleep on and under. sad to hear that you are shutting down.

Fabulous sheets

When lovely quality and ethical sourcing combines I'm a happy customer.

Soft and luxurious bedlinen

After a long wait, I finally received the superking flat sheet. I gave it a light wash and it turns out almost crease free, with a soft, luxurious feel. Thumbs up for this item.

As luxurious as ever

Absolutely love our new bed set, especially the pillow cases, which feel so silky and soft. So happy with this purchase


Very impressive - attention to detail second to none . It’s a gift so I have not used it but I’ll bask in the glory of the praise for selecting such a sumptuous gift.

Beautiful and ethical

I loved the first set I ordered so much that I have bought sets for my daughters for Christmas. Beautiful quality.

As above X

Fabulous soft and luxurious xXX


I love how classy it looks and how snug I feel with it next to my skin. I bought pewter and I'm very pleased.

quality is suberb

The product speaks for itself, excellent quality!! have washed them several times and still very soft, surprisingly very easy to iron too. i bought Pewter, a beautiful subtle, almost pale like shade of grey which i love!, Very prompt delivery, great customer service my emails were responded to straight away. It’s also great to know I had to log into my email address to click a special link to verify this review, although a nuisance but shows your reviews are authentic. All round excellence! if looking to buy don't hesitate.

exquisite quality

The sheets feel exquisitely soft, I always notice a difference in taste with the organic food I buy likewise there is a big difference in the quality, touch and performance of organic cotton and these bedsheets reflect that. Amazing will definitely invest in more whilst on sale.