Why does Fairtrade Cotton Matter?







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We’ve all heard of Fairtrade and the importance of Fairtrade certified products. However, many people are still in the dark about the label and what it means. How does it impact people’s lives? Also, even more consumers are unsure of the significance of ethically sourced cotton. Why does Fairtrade cotton matter. Below we take a look at how buying Fairtrade makes a difference.





More than 270,000 Indian cotton farmers have committed suicide since 1995. In 2016, 116 suicides were recorded in the first 3 months. The high rate of suicide among farmers has been credited to various factors including drought, debt, low-income and unhealthy working conditions. Many of those tasked with looking more closely at the causes of this extremely high rate of suicide have drawn attention to the high cost of genetically modified seeds, fertilisers and insecticides as one major contributing factor. GMO seeds can require farmers to invest up to quadruple the amount required for purchasing traditional seeds, with water requirements often being multiplied by a factor of 10. The loans that farmers often take in order to manage such an increase on initial investment places them at great financial risk, especially in an industry vulnerable to unpredictable threats, such as unfavourable weather conditions and unforeseen pest attacks. The low return/high investment nature of the industry traps farmers in a vicious downward spiral. As they struggle to cover day-to-day costs while making debt repayments and coping with inflated interest rates, farmers are often forced to take further loans and sink themselves even further into debt. Attacked from all sides and unable to see a light at the end of the tunnel, many choose to end their own lives. This shockingly high suicide rate is why Fairtrade is important to us at Nour Luxury. 


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Fairtrade is vital if we are to transform the international system of trade into something that stops the persecution of the poorest people in the most disadvantaged parts of the world. Fairtrade aims to re-establish the possibility for small-scale farmers to earn a secure and stable income, one that can offer the possibility of a future for their families and for all the workers who earn as part of their business. The goal is to create a guarantee of fair prices and humane working conditions for both farmers and factory workers alike. Fairtrade is a dual benefit system. It benefits farmers by offering fairer wages and better working conditions. This, in turn, benefits the environment, as the use of pesticides, toxic chemicals and GMO seeds is often a consequence of farmers being forced to cut corners on quality and sustainability in order to meet unrealistic demands. By offering a fairer deal and taking the farmer off the financial knife-edge, consumers receive a better product created in a more sustainable way.


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As with all Fairtrade certified products, buying Fairtrade cotton makes a positive change in the lives of farmers and factory workers. All Nour Luxury products are made in factories that are Fairtrade certified. This means that our factories are certified as safe, free of discrimination, free of child labour, and all our workers receive benefits and good wages. Our cotton farmers in India receive good and steady prices, which gives them better security. This makes a big difference to their lives as it allows them to escape from poverty. Strict Fairtrade standards not only allow farmers to make great steps in environmental sustainability, but they are also able to improve the quality of their products. Purchasing Fairtrade cotton goods is a guaranteed method of improving the cotton industry in a way that benefits both producers and consumers. However, to make this new world a reality, the power rests with customers and their choices.


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With Nour Luxury’s bedding, you can sleep easier at night knowing your sheets are Fairtrade certified. Purchasing our Fairtrade organic bedding actively benefits the lives of cotton farmers and factory workers in India. Small steps lead to big changes in our world!


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Organic White Fitted Sheet – 100% Natural Cotton

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