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Organic White Fitted Sheet – 100% Natural Cotton

Designer: Nour Luxury

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Recreate the look and feel of a luxury, five-star hotel in your bedroom with our organic white fitted sheet.

The softest, highest quality 100% organic cotton we use in all our bed linen makes slipping between the sheets a truly heavenly experience.

Find out why choosing Nour luxury sheets is the best decision you’ll ever make, not only for your personal comfort but also your peace of mind.

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White Sheets with a Green Impact

Drift off easy by going organic.

We believe that the type of bedding we sleep on has a huge impact on our quality of sleep. That’s why we only use the best, 100% organic cotton for all bed sheets in our range. Organic cotton is superior both in comfort, and its effect on our planet.

The way organic cotton is farmed makes it far more sustainable than non-organic varieties. Traditionally, the production process for cotton requires a huge amount of water. In the organic method, this is reduced by recycling excess water for use in the non-toxic dyeing process. This dramatically decreases water wastage, resulting in a more sustainable, low-impact product.

Another benefit of choosing organic is that it’s better for the soil and ecosystems. Through crop rotation and composting, organic cotton farming is safer for local wildlife, can help grow healthy crops and keep soil fertilised.


The Health Benefits of Organic Cotton

We can guarantee that no toxic chemicals or pesticides are used in the production of our organic cotton.

These harsh substances can lead to health complications, especially for those with sensitive skin and allergy sufferers, as they are absorbed by skin via our bedding throughout the night.

If you consider the fact we spend a third of our lives in bed, what we choose to wrap ourselves up in at night can make a big difference. That’s why we always recommend going organic when it comes to bed linen.


Ethically Conscious Cotton

At Nour Luxury, we are passionate about providing luxury cotton which has a real, positive impact on the lives of those who make it.

All our organic cotton is Fair Trade™ Certified and 100% GOTS-certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) which means it comes with the protection of local farming communities. This means fair wages, safe working conditions and proper regulations.

We know exactly where all our organic cotton has come from, from seed to shelf, so we can confidently provide you with the best ethical bedding on the market.


Why Don’t We Make Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheets?

When people think of luxury, 100% Egyptian cotton bedding often comes to mind. However, Egyptian cotton isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

The high thread count of Egyptian cotton is often hailed as the marker of top quality linen. Yet this can make sheets feel heavy and get too hot throughout the night. Unfortunately, lots of Egyptian cotton on the market today is a poor imitation of its original quality, containing a mix of different varieties. This makes it difficult to know what you’re really buying.

That’s why we only use 100% organic cotton throughout our luxury bedding range.

The 300 single-ply thread count and long-staple variety of cotton in our sheets is what gives them their sumptuous feel and subtle lustre. Long-staple cotton is the softest, most breathable variety of cotton which makes it the best choice for a blissful night’s sleep.


Finding Your Fit

Choosing perfectly fitting sheets is key when it comes to getting a comfortable night’s rest. If your sheets are too large for your mattress, it can create uncomfortable rolls of fabric which get in the way of sleep.

We know beds come in all shapes and sizes, that’s why our luxury fitted sheets come in several sizes. Choose from: white single fitted sheet, white double fitted sheet, and white King size fitted sheet.

Our deep fitted sheets have 34cm deep pockets which fit all mattress sizes.

Whether your mattress is single, double or King, we’ve got something for you.

Washing and Care

The great thing about our cotton fitted bed sheets, is that they get softer with each wash! This is due to the natural fibres that get softer with wear.

Because we don’t use any harsh chemicals to make our cotton bedding, sheets might be slightly loose at first as they haven’t been chemically pre-shrunk. All this means is it’s best to wash them before making the bed for the first time to ensure a perfect fit.

It’s completely safe to wash our high quality bed linen in the washing machine. Just try to keep the temperature at 40 C or below to avoid damaging the natural cotton fibres. A gentle cycle is best and use about half the washing detergent than you would normally for a full wash.

What we use to wash our sheets can also affect sensitive skin and allergy sufferers. Eco-friendly washing detergents are safer for our health and our sheets. There’s no need to add chemical laden fabric conditioners when washing our organic bed linen, as the natural cotton gets softer with use and washing.

To dry your sheets, air drying is best. However, we’re aware this isn’t always possible, especially in the colder months! It’s perfectly fine to tumble dry our sheets as long as you stick to a low temperature.

Create a Luxury Haven in Your Bedroom

Our bedrooms should be a sanctuary from the outside world. Hide away from the stress of everyday life in a dreamy bedroom space complete with sumptuous bed linen.

Flowers, non-toxic candles and a clutter-free space all help to create a relaxing environment. All of our bedding comes packed in its own cotton bag and a recycled material gift box, both of which make great storage containers for a clutter-free bedroom.

To create a tranquil sleeping space, we recommend keeping to neutral colours which are soothing and help encourage sleep.

Our luxury fitted sheets come in several colours to fit in with any colour scheme; natural, pewter and white. Our white set is a timeless classic, a great choice for any bedroom.

We only use non-toxic dyes to ensure our cotton is completely natural and kind on the skin.

To achieve that luxury hotel look and feeling, add an organic cotton, flat sheet to your bed. A flat sheet lies between you and the duvet, protecting the duvet cover and providing a cosy extra layer of comfort.

Complete the look with a matching duvet cover set and pillowcases. After all, a well-made bed is an inviting sight at the end of a long day!


The Icing on the Cake

Feel as though you’re in a hotel room every night of the week!

There’s nothing that says five-star hotel room like a crisp white bedding set. Give yourself a slice of luxury and browse our luxury bedding sets to find the right look for your bedroom.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Peta P.
absolutely beautiful bedlinen

Beautiful fitted sheet, pleased that the packaging was all recyclable and the postcard explaining more about fairtrade was a lovely touch. It's such a lovely photo on the front that I'm going to keep it in my sewing room.

Phillippa M.

We’re delighted with the sheet- the quality is great, it’s soft and comfortable to sleep on and the delivery arrived quickly.

Elizabeth H.
Good quality

My order was efficiently processed and the fitted sheet is perfect and very good quality. I was extremely pleased.

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579 reviews
Amazing linen

My new duvet set arrived fast, beautifully presented and as ordered. I love the quality and the feel of Egyptian cotton.

Soooo amazing!

Really beautiful soft and luxurious bedding, totally changed the experience of being cosy in bed! Wonderfully ethical company too which is so hard to find at a great price, amazing and so thankful!

300 TC Natural Cotton Bedding - Excellent

In the past I've had 600 - 1000 thread count bedding from a number of companies. Over the years the quality has deteriorated, basically runs (like in tights or stocking) developing whereby if you hold it up to the light you can see where the cotton has parted, I suspect due to cheaper yarns spun into three or four count thread. These runs very soon develop into tears!
The feel of the bedding was also very harsh.

Now, I received my Nour order and washed them as per the supplied instructions. When dry, I carefully scrutinised them for faults and can happily say they look perfect.

I fitted the bedding and my first night's sleep I was amazed at how soft they are . . . I mean stroking the pillowcase amazed to feel the softness! (The thought that came to mind was the softness of stroking a two-day old foal).

The fitted sheet is a good, secure fit over a 10 inch deep mattress, it doesn't peel off during the night.
The flat sheet again, is a good size, tucks in securely.
The pillow cases are a good size, very slightly loose on the pillows but this is good as the pillows don't try to force themselves out of the pillowcases with movement.

Being natural cotton, the stitching is a perfect colour match and the hems are a good size, well sewn and very neat.

Overall, I am very pleased with this quality bedding and to anybody interesting in new bedding, I can genuinely say you will not be disappointed.

I, personally, will definitely buy Nour bedding again.

Quality Bedding

Very happy with my purchase. Bedding is so soft and luxurious to sleep in. Wonderful quality and just as described. I’m very impressed!

Quality organic cotton. Lovely colour.

I have previously purchased 2 bed sets in pewter and love everything about them. Both the colour and the feel of the cotton. So comfortable for sleeping. Feels pure and fresh. Just decided to buy another sheet.
When I buy another bed set it will definitely be from Nour. Will probably go for white next time to have a change.