How to Have an Organic Christmas: Tips, Tricks and Ideas

Organic Christmas ideas


A lot of us lead organic lifestyles but struggle at Christmas time. There’s a lot of waste at this time of year!

It’s easy to get caught up with the festivities and forget about being green - we throw away our trees, food and decorations without a second thought.

Are you wondering how to embrace all of the seasonal joys while remaining sustainable? Here’s how to have an organic Christmas this year.


Organic Christmas Ideas

We’ve come up with some ideas on on how to have a more eco friendly Christmas. From choosing your tree, to dressing for a Christmas party, being organic matters.

Organic Decorations

Decorating your home is one of the great delights of the festive season. Here are some simple changes you can make this year to deck the halls organically.


Buy an Organic Christmas Tree

For many of us, putting up your tree signifies that Christmas has begun. Whilst you may think that reusing an artificial tree is better for the environment, they are actually very damaging to our planet.

Did you know that 8 million Christmas trees are sold in the UK each year? Did you know that most of these trees are thrown into a landfill? What can you do? Buy an organic Christmas tree.

Christmas trees are natural wildlife habitats, which are cut down so they can be put in your living room. The farms they come from also use harmful pesticides. Instead, go to an organic Christmas tree farm.

Find a tree farm that replants a new tree for every one that they chop down. Also, choose a tree that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. These organic trees have been grown without the use of pesticides and the forests they’ve come from are protected.

Remember to recycle your Christmas tree after you’re done with it. Your local council should have more information about where you can do this. Your tree can be turned into compost and used in local woodlands and parks.


Make Your Own Decorations

To make your home look beautiful and festive without harming the environment, create your own decorations. You can make unique decorations using household items. Try crafting something from an old Christmas jumper! Just get creative!

Make snowflakes out of recycled paper or wreaths out of the foliage in your garden or local park. This is something the whole family can do together, while listening to carols or watching your favourite Christmas film. Remember to reuse these decorations next year.

Shop for a more eco-friendly advent calendar. Aim for calendars made without plastic and that have organic gifts inside. You can also find organic Christmas stockings to hang above your fireplace.

Decorating your home doesn’t have to end with Christmas. Have you considered decking out your bedroom with organic items, turning it into a haven all year round?


Organic Christmas gifts


Organic Food

It’s hard to talk about Christmas without talking about food! From seasonal dinner parties to the treats we leave out for Father Christmas, it’s a massive part of the festive experience.

When stocking up your fridge, go to local shops to reduce your carbon footprint and to support local businesses.


Cook an Organic Christmas Dinner

Tuck into a divine Christmas dinner by cooking delicious organic food. Make sure your turkey or goose is free range and your vegetables are organic.

Plus, don’t forget to check that your food is ethically sourced and grown. You will enjoy your festive feast more knowing that both the animals and the farmers were treated well.


Don’t Waste Your Leftovers

Come Boxing Day, a lot of us cannot bear the sight of another brussel sprout. It can be tempting to throw your leftovers away, but don’t. Instead, use them for another recipe. Fashion yourself a comforting soup or a delicious sandwich.

If you have non perishable food items left in your cupboard, find a local food bank you can donate them to. You can help someone less fortunate than yourself this Christmas.


Buy Organic Treats

We all love to indulge ourselves with tasty treats this time of year. You can easily substitute your usual snacks for organic ones. Buy FairTrade chocolate and locally produced cheeses. There are also plenty of organic wines and other alcoholic drinks to choose from.

To avoid waste, it’s important not to overfill our shopping baskets. Do you need to buy that extra block of brie, or box of mince pies? Be more mindful with your purchases.


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Organic Style

We all want to look good this season, especially when dressing for Christmas parties and events. There are plenty of organic beauty products and clothing brands you can try.

To further reduce your carbon footprint, carpool or take public transport to your Christmas events.


Organic Christmas jumper


Buy an Organic Christmas Jumper

Dressing in a cosy knit is a real seasonal pleasure. Be more green and choose one that’s made from organic wool or organic cotton.

Christmas jumpers are a cute and whimsical way of getting into the festive spirit. Whether you’re wearing one for a fundraiser or you just think they’re fun, buy a pre loved jumper or try hand knitting your own.


Dress Sustainably for Your Christmas Party

Style can still be sustainable. Whether you’re dressing for your office Christmas party or a festive night with close friends, you can still look fabulous in ethically sourced clothing.

Buy from a sustainable fashion company that cares about the environment. Recycle your outfits from last season or donate them to charity if you don’t want them anymore. There are many sustainable, organic shops out there - you’ll be spoilt for choice!


Choose Organic Beauty Products
Complete your festive look with organic beauty products. Everything from your moisturiser to your makeup can be organic - which is kind to your skin and even kinder to the planet.

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