Becoming a Conscious Consumer: The Benefits of an Organic Lifestyle

The benefits of an organic lifestyle


We’ve all heard the words ‘organic lifestyle’ more times than we can count. So, it’s easy to see why for some, they’ve become a cliché.

But, going organic is more than just a passing fad found within the pages of glossy magazines!

In fact, from personal health to the environment, an organic lifestyle has many benefits.

When most people think organic, they think of food. But,why stop at food? From cleaning products to bedding, many elements can be affected by a natural lifestyle.

Unconvinced? Here’s a closer look.


Why Go Organic?

So, why choose organic life in the first place?

Many roll their eyes when their friend announces they’re giving organic living a try. But, people might change their perception if they knew more about the benefits.

Free from Chemicals

Everyone knows that organic products are free from chemicals and pesticides. The concern is that with many of artificial fertilisers, their health effects are unknown.

When ingested, some additives can cause hyperactivity in children, weight gain and antibiotic resistance. Many of these chemicals are considered safe for animals, but their impact on humans is questionable.

For example, lindane, which can be passed from cows to people through food, has been shown to cause breast cancer. It has been banned many times, yet keeps returning.

Problems arise because crops are often sprayed with a potion of multiple chemicals. While these might not cause harm individually, it’s unsafe for us to ingest a number of them. Organic farmers cannot use these pesticides on their crops.

Organic meat is better for us also, as it isn’t pumped full of the hormones and drugs its non-organic counterparts are.

However, we don’t just need to watch what we put in our mouths. Sleeping on bedding produced using pesticides can cause allergic reactions, or cause those with skin conditions to suffer during the night.

When it comes to an organic life, products are key. Living more naturally shouldn’t be just a short-term health kick!

Food has More Vitamins

Organic food has more nutrients!

This is due to the soil the fruits and vegetables are grown in being more nourished, providing more adequate nutrition than chemically-grown foods.

From iron to Vitamin C, you’ll find organic products take in more of the important minerals needed for a healthy diet as they grow. Give your vitamin intake a boost!

For those looking for great taste, good news. Organic food tastes better, as it’s cultivated for nutrition and not appearance.

Natural products in the UK aren’t hard to come by, so there’s no excuses!

The benefits of an organic lifestyle

Better for Intolerances

Many people suffer from allergies and food intolerances, such as coeliac disease, all over the world. While many of these can’t be solved by going organic, it can certainly make a positive health impact.

For some people, they’re ‘intolerances’ to certain foods might be reactions to certain chemicals instead. These can be solved by simply going organic.

More Sustainable

The planet is everyone’s responsibility! We all need to do our bit to save it. Going organic can be just as beneficial as recycling.

Organic farming doesn’t harm the surrounding environment, so animal habitats aren’t destroyed by chemicals and pesticides. Many ecosystems and certain animals, such as birds, are harmed by traditional farming methods, as their food sources are destroyed. Why should the things we love hurt the planet?

These pesticides have unseen impacts, for example poisoning the water. This, in turn, not only kills animals, but can harm the residents of nearby communities.

From food to bedding, it’s important to understand how your products have been produced so you can make steps toward being more sustainable.

A few small changes can make your lifestyle more green and natural!

Benefits of an organic lifestyle

Benefits the Lives of Others

It’s not just you who can reap the benefits of an organic life! Consider the impact on those who make our products also.

Cotton farmers, for example, are negatively impacted by the chemicals they’re forced to come into contact with. Being exposed to high levels of these pesticides all day has many adverse long-term health effects.

Going organic is more than simply a healthy lifestyle, but can make a huge difference. It’s important to stand up for those who make the things we love when we buy our favourite products!

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How to Become Organic

Tempted yet?

If you’re keen to reap the benefits an organic lifestyle brings, here’s how it’s done:

Purchase Local and Organic

Want to become organic? Buy organic!

Many people overcomplicate this, claiming eating organic foods would be an enormous change, and much more expensive. This is in fact untrue. When you consider all the additional costs of non-organic products, such as the waste involved and the cost of the pesticides themselves, organic is the more attractive option.

Always buy locally-grown foods, as these will have less of a carbon footprint. Better still, why not grow your own? Having your own organic garden at home is not only rewarding, but hugely beneficial.

It’s also important to make your own meals as much as possible. This way, you’ll know that what you’re eating is organic.

Rethink Your Beauty Regime

We all love to look and feel good!

But, it’s always a bonus to know what we’re putting on our bodies and faces. Many of our favourite products, from hand soap to make up, contain harmful non-organic ingredients.

It’s not too difficult to find excellent alternatives!

The benefits of an organic lifestyle

Look for Organic Cleaning Products

It might sound bizarre, but organic and cleaning are a match made in heaven!

Where possible, avoid non-organic cleaning products, like your basic purpose cleaner. White vinegar and baking soda are great additions to any cleaning cupboard!

However, always read the label. Some ‘natural’ products use palm oil, which has numerous catastrophic impacts on the environment, as it destroys animal habitats.

Why not put some elbow grease into natural cleaning?

Green Online Shopping

Love online shopping? Silly question, who doesn’t?

But, organic and sustainability go hand in hand. Try and pick ‘green’ delivery slots, to reduce your carbon footprint.

Even better, only buy from companies who you know have made efforts to go organic and be more sustainable.

A completely organic lifestyle might not be obtainable for all, but, we can all make steps in the right direction!

Buy Organic Clothing

Love to dress to impress? Consider how your clothes have been made.

Buying chemical free clothing is a small and easy lifestyle change you can make! It might make shopping a little trickier, but the benefits definitely outweigh this.

Alternatively, why not buy some of your items second-hand, such as from a charity shop?

Change Your Bedding

In much the same way as food, non-organic bedding can be extremely harmful.

At Nour Luxury, all our products are made from organic, GOTS certified cotton. This means that you won’t find harmful chemicals anywhere in the production of our bedding, even in the dyeing process.

But, we don’t stop there! Our products are also packaged sustainably, in recycled materials. So, you can sleep easier at night knowing the source of your bedding is traceable from seed to sheet. Plus, we don’t compromise on comfort or quality.

Tempted to wrap up in luxuriously soft sheets? Browse our full range of organic bedding here.