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Tips To Remember Before You Buy Organic Bedding

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If you have decided to go organic, then you need to make better choices regarding shopping. Going organic will not only help to save the environment but also impact our health in a positive manner.  Many people that suffer from allergies will benefit from an organic lifestyle. If going for organic shopping, natural, toxin-free bedding is an ideal choice. Here are a few tips to remember before you buy organic bedding: 

When shopping for sheets prefer buying sheets made from 100% natural fibre such as cotton, linen, hemp and silk as well as manufactured cellulose fibre such as bamboo viscose. They breathe, wick moisture and are soft to the touch. Check before buying that these fibres are free of chemical finishes. Additionally, to ensure that the product really is organic and authentic, check for the GOTS Certification.

Unlimited chemicals are used to normally process the yarn and finish the fabric. Scientists and health experts are raising serious concerns about toxicity and the adverse effects of the chemically processed fabric on our health. In order to buy non-toxic bedding, ensure that you know how the sheets are processed.

Don’t buy cotton sheets labelled ‘Wrinkle-Free’, ‘Easy Care’ or ‘Permanent Press’ as this means that the fabric has been treated with formaldehyde resin, which is a very toxic chemical which doesn’t go even after washing the sheet.

While buying sheets, check out the feel of the fabric, rather than the thread count (the number of horizontal and vertical threads in one square inch). The quality of the fabric depends on the superiority of the yarn and the weave. Organic bedding is the best buy for a green lifestyle.

Never buy sheets made from polyester microfiber or any other synthetic fibre. Polyester is a kind of plastic, which is produced through a chain of chemical processes. The chemicals used to colour and finish polyester sheets may include formaldehyde, chlorine bleach, carcinogenic and allergy-inducing dyes and heavy metals. These chemicals have a hazardous effect on our health and the environment.

If all this sounds terrifying, we recommend you buy luxury bedding sets from Nour Luxury. Our sheets are 100% Organic GOTs Certified, which is ethically sourced from seed to sheet, without comprising softness and durability.

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Beautifully soft organic cotton

Very happy with the new organic bed linen, beautifully presented in a box and cotton bags! Worth the money, comfort with a gentle touch on the planet.

Very happy customer

Sleeping so much better with these sheets, beautiful high quality bedding. Very soft indeed!

5 stars

Incredibly soft & wash well. Great customer service. Definitely recommend!

Dont hesitate. Worth it

Wanted to revamp my bed with quality bedding, i decided to give nour luxury a try as they are organic, so i got myself the luxury set. so glad i did! i love them! cannot wait to get into bed every night. they wash like a dream and get softer each time! will definitely be buying more!

Warm and snugly

These sheets have changed the way i sleep. Incredibly soft and they seem to adjust to my temperature. Great quality product, beautiful colour, im obsessed! I must add the delivery was fast too.