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The Secret to the Ideal Duvet Day

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Duvet Day

Having a bad week? Caught the sniffles? Or, maybe you just don’t want to face the freezing, wet, cold weather. You might be tempted to have a duvet day!

Sometimes all you need to recharge is some quality time to yourself doing absolutely nothing. Taking time out to have a duvet day can be very beneficial to your health.

So, we have prepared the ultimate guide on the secret to the ideal duvet day.

It’s All About Relaxation

Being relaxed is the key to a perfect duvet day. It’s important we take time out of our busy schedules to recharge ourselves.

Make sure you turn off your alarm!

Meditation can also be the key to feeling completely relaxed.

The point of the duvet day is to laze around guilt-free. So, put your phone and hectic schedule aside, forget about all your stress and worries and do absolutely nothing!

Light Some Candles

Scented candles can really help you relax, just make sure they’re not too overpowering.

Pick up your favourite scent, light it up and let the beautiful fragrance send you to a world of relaxation.

Don Some Comfortable Clothes

Today is the day you ditch the skinny jeans, pencil skirts and suits.

Getting yourself into comfortable clothing is essential for a duvet day, whether that’s a cosy onesie, an oversized T-Shirt or your finest cashmere pyjamas.

Whatever you prefer, the goal is to get yourself into clothing that you will never want to get out off.


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Have Snacks Ready

A duvet day cannot be complete without snacks.

If you’ve decided to give up your healthy eating for your duvet day then go ahead and stock up on popcorn, crisps, chocolates and cakes!

But, if you prefer to stick to healthy eating, go ahead and stock up on some falafel bites, dried fruits and nuts. Fresh fruits are also a brilliant option.

The Entertainment Factor

A duvet day is the perfect excuse to curl up in front of the TV and watch whatever makes you happy.

This could be catching up on dramas, watching films, or starting a new series on Netflix.

Or, sit back on your fluffy pillows and unwind with a good book. If you haven’t got a book on the go, flick through some magazines!

Comfort Food

Going into the kitchen on a duvet day is simply not allowed. This means letting the food come to you.

Pick up a take away leaflet and go ahead treat yourself! This isn’t the day to worry about calorie counts, so order something you would normally avoid. A duvet day is a day for indulgences!

Duvet Day

Don’t Forget Warm Drinks

Warm drinks are the ultimate comfort! The possibilities are endless: hot chocolate overflowing with whipped cream and marshmallows, a nice cup of coffee, or tea.

Whatever your choice, just make sure you treat yourself to plenty of hot drinks on your duvet day.

Have a Nap

Your duvet day is the day you have time off from mundane everyday life. So, it doesn’t matter what time it is.

Catch up on your sleep! Nap as much as you like and wake up whenever you like.


Get Pampering

A duvet day is a day for doing absolutely nothing. Except pampering yourself, that is!

Manicures, pedicures and face masks are a welcome addition to the perfect lazy day. There's no excuse not to treat yourself!

Wrap Up in Your Duvet

We need to remember this is a duvet day, not a blanket day.

So, to make sure this will be the most relaxing duvet day possible, you need to make sure you are wrapped in a big fluffy duvet.

Try going for a duvet that is at least 13.5 tog, so you can stay warm and cosy.

Team it up with lots of fluffy pillows and cushions. To top it off, ensure your duvet and pillows are covered with fresh, soft and clean 100% organic bedlinen. Be lazy in luxury!


Phone a Friend

In the mood for a nice long chat with a friend?

A duvet day is the perfect time to catch up with someone you haven't spoken to for a while.


Plan a Trip Away

You've got all day for daydreaming. Why not make some of your plans a reality?

A duvet day is the perfect chance to book that trip you've been meaning to take, or arrange your summer holiday.

Give yourself something to look forward to!


Snuggle Up

Sharing your duvet day with a loved one? You have all day for plenty of quality time together.

Playing board games, watching some good films or simply talking to each other are the perfect ways to waste the day away!

Find the Perfect Bedding

No duvet day is complete with the perfect bedding! NOUR LUXURY’S organic cotton, luxuriously soft bed sheets are an ideal addition to any duvet day. Browse our range of ethically sourced, luxury bedding here.

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