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Organic Cotton Duvet Cover in Natural


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There’s no better feeling than slipping between the sheets at the end of a long day. Troubles seem to melt away when wrapped up in a cosy duvet. At Nour Luxury, we believe a duvet cover which is both naturally made and has a sumptuous feel is the perfect recipe for a good night’s sleep.

Give your bedroom the look and feel of a luxury hotel with our organic cotton duvet cover.

Our 100% organic cotton duvet cover is chemical-free, long-lasting and softens with each wash.

Sleep soundly knowing you’re nestled in organic bed linen that’s gentle on the skin and even gentler on the planet.

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What Makes our Organic Cotton Bed Linen so Luxurious?

To achieve the buttery soft feel of our organic bed sheets, we only use the best, organic cotton available.

While many people have been lead to believe Egyptian cotton is the height of luxury when it comes to cotton, the thread count and staple is far more important than where it comes from. Although Egyptian cotton sheets have a reputation for quality, lots of Egyptian cotton on the market today is a poor imitation of the original standard. This type of cotton has a very high thread count which can often feel uncomfortably heavy and get too hot throughout the night.

We use long-staple cotton with a 300 singly-ply thread count for all our organic bed linen, UK. This is what gives our organic duvet covers their lovely subtle lustre and velvety feel against the skin. Long-staple cotton is softer than other varieties and more breathable, ensuring a blissful night’s sleep every time.

Environmentally Friendly Bedding

We firmly believe that eco-friendly bed linen helps us achieve a better quality of sleep. Rest assured that all our organic cotton bed sheets and duvet covers are kind on the environment.

We only use 100% organic cotton for our ethical duvet covers, without the harsh chemicals and pesticides used in the production of non-organic cotton.

Organic cotton is more sustainable than non-organic cotton as it is grown using low-impact farming methods. This type of cotton production protects ecosystems by cutting out toxic chemicals that can get be ingested by wildlife. It also helps keep soil healthy through composting and crop rotation.

While traditional cotton production requires a huge amount of water, 20,000 litres per kilogram to be exact, organic farming methods use a lot less. During the organic cotton production process, all excess water is recycled and used during the dyeing process. This results in a significant reduction.

All great reasons to choose organic.

Community-Conscious Cotton

Drift off easily knowing your choice of bed linen has a positive impact on farming communities.

All of our natural bed linen is made ethically using Fair Trade™ Certified cotton. It’s also 100% GOTS-certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) which means it comes with the protection of local communities to ensure fair wages and working conditions.

For us at Nour luxury, the origin of our cotton is just as important as comfort. All of our bed linen can be traced from seed to shelf so you know it has been produced fairly, with the lives of the people who make it in mind.


Gentle on Sensitive Skin

Due to the fact we don’t use any harsh chemicals, pesticides or toxic dyes, our organic duvet covers are a sensible choice for allergy sufferers or those with sensitive skin.

The toxic substances used in the production of non-organic cotton can be absorbed by our skin overnight and cause health implications. We spend a third of our lives wrapped in our bed linen, so it’s not surprising that this can have a negative effect.

What we use to wash our sheets can also affect sensitive skin and allergy sufferers. Eco-friendly washing detergents are safer for our health and our sheets.There’s no need to add chemical laden fabric conditioners when washing our organic bed linen, as the natural cotton gets softer with use and washing.
Going organic could be the difference between tossing and turning and sleeping peacefully through the night.

Find the Right Fit

We know bedrooms come in all shapes and sizes, that’s why our duvet covers come in several sizes; single, double and King. If you’re not sure which one you need, have a look at our size guide.

There’s nothing more annoying than ill-fitting duvet covers getting in the way!

Finding the perfect fit is key to a good night’s sleep.

Create a Beautiful Sleeping Space

Our organic bed linen is the icing on the cake to creating a dreamy bedroom space.

A sleeping space decorated in neutral colours is the best way to achieve uninterrupted slumber. To meld perfectly into your personal space, our duvet covers come in several colours; White, Pewter and Natural.

Our Natural duvet cover is a light cream colour with light freckles from the cotton seeds. This understated, warm tone fits in well with most colour schemes, and the natural, undyed cotton is kind on your skin and the environment. Bringing a sense of nature into your bedroom has a soothing effect, helping you drift off easily.

All of our bedding comes packed in its own cotton bag and a recycled material gift box, both of which make great storage containers for a clutter-free bedroom. After all, a tidy bedroom has been shown to improve sleep!

Complete the Look

You don’t have to stop with an organic duvet cover, having a matching set is a great way of adding a touch of luxury to your bedroom.

To create the full effect why not try some of the other organic bedding in our range?

We also make a luxury range including pillowcases, the softest fitted sheets and flat sheets for warmer nights.

Bring nature into your bedroom with our organic cotton bedding set in Natural, for the ultimate sleep sensation.

Customer Reviews

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Sorrel W.

Delivery came the next day, beautifully packaged, gorgeous cotton, it felt like NY birthday. Loved the card inside acknowledging all the people from growers to the veddibg makers. I would always use Noor in the future.

sue l.


Bruce B.
Very good quality.

Delighted with duvet, sheet and pillow cases - they are beautifully made, lovely to sleep in and excellent quality.

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573 reviews
Great product, beautifully presented

Product arrived earlier than predicted and was beautifully packaged. They feel lovely on the skin and gave us really restful sleep.

next level

seriously next level sheets

Organic duvet

Soo lovely, everything I could wish for, fair trade, organic cotton and the best duvet feel ever,. Sorrel

Organic sheets and duvet cover

Beautifully soft and good quality. My second purchase

Worth the money

The natural cotton provides a warm comfortable feeling as it wraps around one. It is warmer than other basic cotton products. The double sheet is very generous in its size, the size of the double sheet (longest length) from my perspective is long by at least 300mm and by 200mm width wise, otherwise an excellent product.