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Finding Your Style – Contemporary vs. Traditional Bedrooms

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Contemporary vs modern bedrooms

Looking for the perfect style for your bedroom?

When it comes to redecorating your home, bedrooms are often forgotten.

While it’s easy to see why, as your bedroom isn’t often seen by others, it should be the opposite! Your bedroom is a space that you have the freedom to decorate as you choose.

The only problem is, it can be difficult to find your style! With a wealth of styles and design ideas out there, which one is right for you?

We’ve taken a closer look at two of the most famous bedroom styles, contemporary vs. traditional, to help you work out which suits you.


The Contemporary Bedroom Style

Your bedroom is a sanctuary, this we all know.

But, when it comes to redecorating your bedroom, this sanctuary should also reflect your personality.

So, how do you know if the contemporary style is right for you?


What is Contemporary Design?


The contemporary design definition is not to be confused with, or used interchangeably with, the modern style.

The two styles have many differences that give them their individuality.

The contemporary style is often referred to the style that is popular right now; the style of the ‘moment’. Meanwhile, modern design is a strict interpretation of 20th century design.

For example, modern style incorporates many crisp lines and hard corners, while contemporary can include curving lines and rounded edges.

The contemporary style doesn’t adhere to one style alone, but draws inspiration for many different design periods. This means the style is constantly adapting, in ten years it will have a completely different look and feel!


Achieving a Contemporary Style


With the contemporary style constantly adapting, how can it be achieved when decorating a bedroom?

Contemporary style often draws inspiration from other designs, such as mixing modern and non-modern pieces together.

Today, the contemporary style is associated with minimalism. However, the beauty of contemporary style comes from the fact it is a ‘jumble’ of other styles mixed together! So, you have the freedom to play with the style as you choose.


Use Neutral Colours


When it comes to creating a contemporary style, colours are key.

Neutral shades are the foundation of the contemporary style!

Colours such as white, pale grey, light blue or monochrome are often used on the walls to achieve the modern look.

To add definition to these neutral colours, the contemporary style incorporates texture. For example, curtains are often plain in colour but textured. Velvet is the perfect material for plain curtains that require definition.

Bedding is also the perfect way to add texture to a contemporary room! White or grey bedding is often used in contemporary bedrooms, while adding some textured but serene coloured cushions and finishing with a throw.


Think ‘Edges’


Contemporary design doesn’t feature solely hard and clean lines as with the modern style.

Instead, the lines are diverse, featuring soft edges alongside hard corners.

So, for a bedroom, adding a softly-curved furniture feature near the bed can help break up the boxy lines!

contemporary vs modern bedrooms


Keep it Light


Contemporary style encourages you to let in the light!

If natural light isn’t enough, give your bedroom ambience and depth by creating definition with different light fittings. The key is to give your room an airy feel.

If you have a focal point or feature wall in your bedroom, accentuate it this by using lighting. This will help draw attention to it!


Mix Up the Furniture


When it comes to the contemporary style, you can mix things up as you please.

Try adding sleek, stylish pieces of furniture and accessories that may seemingly not appear to ‘match’. This tip is particularly helpful for those who don’t like the minimalist look, but still want to achieve a contemporary feel.

But, mixing things up will keep things interesting, and make the room feel cosier. For example, a cosy sleek chair, modern vanity table, or glass vase can be incorporated into your bedroom.


Is the Contemporary Style for You?


This style is perfect if you like the look of stylish sleek furniture, or if the rest of your home is on trend with a neutral/minimalist look.

The contemporary style works perfectly in smaller homes and bedrooms as the minimalist look helps give an illusion of a space and modern furniture is often designed with a lot of storage space.

Also, this style also works well in newly-built small homes that would complement the minimalist look.

Contemporary vs traditional bedrooms


The Traditional Bedroom Style

While elements of the traditional can be brought into contemporary design, the two styles are widely different.

The traditional style is perfect for bedrooms of all shapes and sizes. Here’s a closer look at how to make it work for your room:


What is the Traditional Style?


The traditional style is often referred to a style inspired by a variety of centuries. It’s a timeless design that never goes out of fashion!

Contrary to what some might think, this style doesn’t mean old or dated. While its beginnings are rooted in the past, the style isn’t stuffy or boring.

Rather, it has taken inspiration from classical designs, such as Parisian chic, and incorporating them with symmetrical placings of furniture.

Traditional style oozes elegance through its somewhat formal appearance.


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Creating a Traditional Bedroom


So, if you’re inspired by the effortless elegant look of a traditional bedroom, how should you go about creating it?


Add a Touch of Elegance


A traditional bedroom retains a sense of opulence.

This could come from a grand four-poster bed, drapes on the bed or an elegant vanity. Try incorporating one or more glamorous features into your room!


Keep Things Simple


The traditional style isn’t overcomplicated.

Traditional bedrooms draw their beauty from their simplicity. So, this means that your room shouldn’t be over-cluttered or too ‘busy’.

Let the style speak for itself!


Use a Serene Colour Scheme


The traditional style furniture often consists of pine and oak finishing touches, or cream coloured furniture with intricate carving details.

To achieve the traditional look, try pairing elegant furniture, such as an intricate chandelier, with neutral-coloured walls, to achieve the traditional look.

Bedding used in traditional-style bedrooms is often cream or plain, so as not to overcomplicate the room.

Contemporary vs modern bedrooms

Add Individuality


While calm colour schemes work best, traditional doesn’t mean boring!

So, don’t be afraid to experiment with the style by adding your own twist. This can be original artwork, colourful wallpaper or pot plants.

Traditional may have a ‘formal’ look, but this doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own.

Colour adds personality and a sense of comfort to a bedroom. We spend a third of our lives in bed, so it’s important to ensure your bedroom reflects some individuality!


Is the Traditional Style for You?


While the traditional style can be adapted to many rooms, it’s perfect for your home if you have an older, Victorian-style property with a lot of space and high ceilings.

If you have a taste for opulence, you’ll love the traditional style. It’s hard not to be drawn to the detailed furniture and soft colours!

Whichever style of bedroom you choose, luxury bedding is a staple item. Treat yourself to amazing softness and a great sleep every night with our luxurious sheets! Browse our full range of 100% organic cotton bedding here.

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