Tips, Tricks and Inspiration: Redecorating Your Bedroom Ideas

Redecorating your bedroom ideas

Fancy a change of scenery?

Your bedroom should be a personal retreat – a place where you relax and de-stress. But, it should also reflect your personality.

The only problem? Bedroom decoration can be tough! Whether you’re trying to make a snug room feel bigger, or a large space seem less empty, redecorating your bedroom can be a challenge.

We’re here to help! No matter how big or small the space, a few redecoration tricks can make all the difference.

Here are our top redecorating your bedroom ideas to help you revamp and transform your sleeping space.


Pick a Different Colour Palette

The colour scheme can change the atmosphere of your room!

So, if you’re handy with a paintbrush, repainting the walls can completely transform your bedroom.

It’s best to choose soothing, serene colours for your bedroom to help you relax and unwind. For example, pastel blue, soft lilac, light green, or even classic white can help create a more serene atmosphere. These colours can also help you sleep better!

If you feel the walls look too boring in white, add textured white wallpaper. This would instantly lift up the room whilst maintaining the simple, relaxed atmosphere.


Pile Up the Pillows

There are no rules on how many pillows you can put on your bed!

Never be afraid to mix patterns, either. The more the merrier!


Rearrange the Furniture

Tired of the same layout?

Re-arranging your existing furniture is one of the best ideas for your bedroom. This tip can help make a big difference. When you’re finished, it can feel like a completely new room!

Put your bed at a different angle or move it under the window, change the position of your dressing table, play around with where your rug is placed.

These small changes can really freshen up a space. This tip is particularly helpful for those on a budget, or who don’t want to pick up a paintbrush!


Get Rid of Old Furniture

Don’t be afraid to give away any furniture you don’t need! It can be both relaxing and rewarding to declutter.

Another bonus? Clearing up the clutter in your bedroom also helps create the perfect ambience for sleep.


Create Ambience with Lighting

Wondering how to redecorate a bedroom? Changing the lighting can make the space feel like a new room!

Lighting is very important for creating the perfect relaxing setting.

We recommend using up to 2/3 different types of lighting in your bedroom, ranging from warm bedside lamps, wall lamps and white bulb ceiling lights. This way you are able to choose the perfect light according to your mood.


Create an Eye-Catching Spot

Thinking to yourself ‘I need help decorating my bedroom?’ Consider having a focal point. Who doesn’t love a touch of drama?

In the list of beautiful bedroom ideas, this is one of our favourites. A focal point can be at the head or foot of the bed, creating using eye-catching pillows or a colourful blanket.

If you’re looking for a more dramatic option, dedicate one area of your room to an attention-grabbing colour scheme or a feature wall. This can instantly transform your entire bedroom!


Pick a Theme

Your bedroom should reflect your personality!

So, pick a theme. This can be anything from bohemian to minimalist.

The best news? You can change this as often as you like!

redecorating your bedroom ideas

Cover the Windows

If you’ve thought to yourself, ‘I need to redecorate my bedroom’ but don’t want to make any overly dramatic changes, think about getting some new curtains.

Nice curtains have other benefits apart from their practical use, including helping to liven up your bedroom. Opt for textured, coloured curtains that will add softness to your room.

If you prefer sheer curtains, add a blind too. This will ensure morning light is blocked out and will also give you privacy during the night.


Embrace Natural Light

It’s important to always embrace natural light to make your bedroom feel bigger and more open, so keep your curtains open as much as possible!

A good pair of curtains will still look nice even when they aren’t drawn.


Hang Some Artwork

Decorate your bedroom with some artwork!

This can help liven up the space, divert attention from blank walls and make your room more interesting to look at.


Revamp the Ceiling

There are numerous tips for how to decorate a bedroom, but you probably haven’t considered the ceiling.

Bedroom ceilings are often neglected, but we feel they shouldn’t be! We spend a third of our lives lying in bed, which means a lot of time looking at the ceiling!

Give it a fresh coat of paint so the room looks renewed.


Add a Bedside Table

On the hunt for some nice bedroom ideas? Add a bedside table.

Delicate pieces of furniture always look great in neutral coloured bedrooms, so why not add a new bedside table? This will instantly make your room look new and elegant, and will also give you more storage room.


Mix and Match

Even if two pieces of furniture don’t appear to match, you can make them work! Don’t be afraid to play around with unlikely pairings.


Think About Storage

To make your bedroom the perfect sanctuary, ensure there’s no clutter lying around. To achieve this, you need storage space.

Perhaps invest in an ottoman storage bed, where you can lift the bed and store all your bedding or clothing. A storage bench at the end of your bed is also a great way to store things to avoid them lying around the bedroom.

For those who lack space, there are plenty of storage solutions to help you make the most of your bedroom! Consider hanging shelves or utilising the area under your bed.


Have a Dedicated Quiet Space

If your bedroom is large and you’re struggling to fill the space, why not create a quiet lounging or reading space?

Choose a corner where you can place a chair or foot stool. This will not only create a comfortable space, but will also help break up a large area.


Add Personal Touches

Wondering how to design your bedroom? One of the best bedroom decorating tips is to add the personal touch.

From photos to DIY artwork, there are many ways to decorate your bedroom to help make your mark.


Indulge in Luxury Bedding

Good bedding can change the way you sleep and make your bedroom feel like a sanctuary! So, invest in some soft, luxurious bedding.

Achieve that blissful hotel feeling by replacing your old sheets with our 100% organic cotton, luxuriously soft bedding. Our lightweight sheets ensure perfect balance of breathability and are gentle on sensitive skin. Browse our full range of bedding here.