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Egyptian Cotton vs. Organic Cotton: What’s Better?

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For many of us, hearing the words ‘Egyptian cotton’ conjures up images of luxury and five-star quality.

This is for good reason! For years, Egyptian cotton was a sought-after material, producing the softest bedding in the world.

But, times have changed. Today, the Egyptian cotton label has become tarnished, with many who use it being poor imitators. Yet, it still carries weight.

Time to end the deception! When it comes to Egyptian cotton vs. organic cotton, the latter is often superior…


What is Egyptian Cotton?

First things first, it’s important consumers understand what the label means. What are you actually buying?

Egyptian cotton is fine, hand-picked and traditionally grown in Egypt. It has an established reputation developed over many years, due to its ability to produce luxuriously soft bedding. This was largely thanks to the Nile, which offered nutrient-rich soil perfect for growth.

Traditionally, this softness came from the cotton’s extra-long staple length, which made the fibres fine and strong.

But, more recently, whether Egyptian cotton is the best in the world has been called into question.


Changing the Label

As strange as it might seem, an ‘Egyptian cotton’ label doesn’t necessarily mean it’s been produced in Egypt. It’s now grown worldwide.

Due to the prestige of the label, many companies have advertised their products as Egyptian cotton - without being able to promise the softness customers expect. Today, the label encompasses many types - including short-staple cotton, which isn’t as luxurious. Also, different types of cotton are often blended together.

So, the line between expectation and reality has become blurred.

Also, contrary to popular belief, you won’t necessarily be buying organic cotton - unless the label explicitly says so.


What is Organic Cotton?

Here, the definition is much simpler, and hasn’t become confused.

Organic cotton is cotton that has been grown without the use of chemicals, pesticides, fertilisers or fungicides.

It’s as easy as that!


Where is Organic Cotton From?

Organic cotton can be grown all around the world, but is particularly prevalent in sub-tropical countries.

With this type of cotton, where it’s grown doesn’t change the material. Rather, it’s how the plant is grown that matters.


How is Egyptian Cotton Grown?

So, since the original meaning of the Egyptian cotton label has been lost, this has changed production methods.

Egypt is not even one of the top ten cotton producing countries in the world. In fact, only 1% of the world’s cotton is actually grown in Egypt.

For this reason, farming methods differ from country to country.

So, while customers are expecting hand-picked cotton grown near the Nile, this isn’t necessarily what they’ll receive.


Egyptian cotton


How is Organic Cotton Grown?

Organic cotton comes from a plant that hasn’t been genetically modified.

It needs no artificial or synthetic softeners when being produced, making it perfect for those with allergies or skin sensitivities.


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How is Organic Cotton Sustainable?

Conventional cotton farming methods usually harm their surrounding environment. For example, they waste vast amounts of water, destroy habitats and cause soil loss.

Organic cotton production is sustainable, protecting the wildlife that surrounds it by being free from chemicals.

But, this isn’t the only benefit. Producing organic cotton bedding is ethical, as farmers aren’t exposed to harmful chemicals that make for dangerous working conditions. This type of production usually adheres to FairTrade standards also, which promises fair wages and removes exploitation.

So, this is why reading the label closely is essential!


Organic Cotton Or Egyptian Cotton Bedding - Which is Better?

Clearly, it’s time to change public perception of Egyptian cotton bedding.

But, this is easier said than done.

Due to the prestige of the label, customers will continue to be duped by poor imitations.

In fact, what people should look out for is the staple length. The staple refers to the fibre-like strands found inside the cotton boll.

Today, Egyptian cotton encompasses many types - including regular and short. Within this, long-staple cotton is vastly superior, as the shorter types are coarser.

Therefore, it’s not where your cotton is produced that matters.

Our soft, 100% organic cotton bedding is made from long-staple varieties only. This ensures you get the luxuriously soft feeling that Egyptian cotton promises. On top of this, you’ll also enjoy sleeping on cotton that has been made without harmful chemicals that can seep into your skin at night. Tempted by the sound of a great night’s sleep? Browse our range of organic bedding here.

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