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How to Organise Your Bedsheets: Tips, Tricks and Ideas

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How to organise bed sheets


We have all been guilty of randomly cramming sheets, musty pillowcases and fitted sheets into a drawer.

As much as we would love to have pristine sheets stacked neatly, colour co-ordinated bedding sets and beautifully folded towels, the truth is most of our linen closets look like havoc.

Here are our tips and tricks for how to organise your bedsheets. You can say goodbye to your hastily folded sheets and overflowing cupboards.

Time to finally find what you need when you need it!

Clear Your Cupboard

To get the linen closet of your dreams you first need to empty it and decide what is worth keeping.

Anything with pilling, stains or damage should be discarded.

If any bedding is worth saving, make sure you wash it before proceeding. It’s amazing what a big difference a clean bedroom can make!


Donate Certain Items

Rather than trying to find space for the hideous floral bedsheet that you adored 5 years ago, it’s time to donate it.

The less you have to organise, the easier it will be.

Master Folding a Fitted Sheet

The key reason for why most bedsheets end up stuffed in random drawers is due to the lack of knowledge on how to fold them properly.

Fitted sheets, even in small sizes, are the worst offenders.

If you have ever tried folding a fitted sheet, you will understand the struggle.

Mastering folding this sheet will not only save you time, but will also help keep the cupboard tidy.

Label the Sizes

Once the bed sheets are folded neatly, and you have made separate piles for each size, it’s time to label them!

You can label each box and shelf, or even mark the actual sheets on the corners with a K for a king size or S for the singles. This will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.


Under the Bed Storage Boxes

Beds and ottoman storage beds that lift for storage are perfect to discreetly store your linen when your lacking space.

Fold the bed sheets according to sets and place each of them in an air tight bed storage box according to set or size. Store away under the bed it is intended for.
You can also store them in the end of the bed trunk.


Use Shelf Dividers

If you have a lot of bedsheets, with different sizes and colours, it’s best to invest in some shelf dividers. They are a great to help create organised storage space in a cupboard.

The shelf dividers will help separate colours and sizes, helping you store your linen neatly without them toppling onto each other.

Wire Baskets

Wire, straw or fabric baskets are also a great alternative to shelf dividers and bed storage boxes.

Make each basket dedicated to a size, colour, cot sheets or guest room sheets. Label the basket on the outside. This way your linen stays neat and easy to locate.

Roll Them Up

Do your folded sheets keep falling apart when you take them out of the cupboard? Try rolling them instead.

Roll each item separately, such as the duvet cover, the flat sheet and pillowcases. Tie them with a ribbon or shoelace and stand them upright.

This will help create space and stop folded bedsheets collapsing onto each other.
If you like, also tie a note to state the size and item.

Use Pillowcases to Store Sets

Using a pillowcase is a great way to ensure your set stays together neatly.
Turn your pillowcase inside out, store the folded duvet cover, sheets and pillowcase inside and store in your cupboard.

This way they are stored neatly, and you avoid the problem of having mis-matched bedding!

Wash Sheets Every Week

When organising and storing your bedding, ensure it has been washed before putting it away.

Storing used or dirty linen will attract moths, must and mildew due to a lack of circulation. Generally, it’s advised to wash and rotate sheets every week to keep bacteria at bay.


Dry Them Well

Ensure the bedding is fully dry, either air dried or tumble dry before putting them away into boxes or cupboards.

As slightly damp sheets will give off a musty smell if stored. Try to leave slight gaps in-between stack of sheets to let air circulate around closet and bedding, this will also help reduce the musty smell.


Use Lavender Bags to Keep Them Smelling Fresh

To help keep sheets fresh in the linen cupboard or boxes, try placing lavender bags inside the closet or box to maintain that just washed smell. Alternatively, you can place fragrant, refreshing dryer sheets to keep your bedding smelling fresh.

Placing cedar blocks around the closet will also help prevent moths and bugs entering your linen. Or, for a more natural approach, use a box of baking soda and place it on your closet floor. This will help absorb any bad odours.

Use Our Box and Fabric Bags

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