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Tidy Bed, Tidy Mind: The Benefits of a Well-Kept Bedroom

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The Benefits of a Well-Kept Bedroom


Think making your bed everyday is pointless?

We’ve all been there. You wake up, roll out of bed, start rushing to leave the house – and decide to skip making the bed.

Making the bed is one chore we all try and avoid. But, the truth is, dedicating the time to ensuring the bed is made has many benefits.

Making the bed is a small task that can make a big impact!

Unconvinced? Here are some of the benefits of a well-kept bedroom.


Makes Your Room Feel Clean

Want to achieve that hotel-feeling at home? Have a perfectly made bed!

No matter how tidy your bedroom is, if your bed hasn’t been made, it will look messy. Your bedroom is a sanctuary, so, you deserve to come home to a well-made bed.

Making your bed every morning will instantly make your room look clean and de-cluttered, just like a hotel!


Helps You Sleep Better

We’re all aware of the importance of overcoming sleep problems. But, what does making the bed have anything to do with this?

According to research and a survey commissioned by the National Sleep Foundation, those who make their bed tend to sleep better and for longer.

This is because the clean feeling of crisp, fresh sheets helps encourage slumber.


Instantly Relaxes You

After a stressful, tiring day at work, all you want to do is dive right into bed.

But, coming home to a messy bed will only add on to your stress. Dedicating 2 minutes every morning to smoothing out your duvet cover and layering the pillows will ensure you come home to an inviting bed.

Lying on a well-made bed is a great way to unwind before sleep! There’s no feeling like instant relaxation.

The Benefits of a Well-Kept Bedroom


Mentally Disciplines You

Making your bed every morning mentally disciplines you and helps you to develop good habits.

Once you master taking 3 minutes out of your morning routine to make your bed, you will appreciate how good it makes you feel.

This will encourage you to do small tasks that you would otherwise normally avoid, for example cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry! It can be difficult to get motivated, so, these little tasks can make a big difference to your productivity.


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Increases Productivity

Start the day as you mean to go on!

When you start the day by making your bed, you instantly feel like you have accomplished one of your tasks for the day. It’s irrelevant how small the task is, this feeling of accomplishment makes you feel organised and instantly motivated.

Beginning your morning productively should see you completing other tasks you set out over the rest of the day. 


Helps with Allergies

As surprising as this may seem, making the bed every morning can help with your allergies!

When you leave your sheets untouched and messy for the whole day – dust, pet hair and allergens settle in. For those who suffer from allergies, this doesn’t make for a great night’s sleep when you get back in these sheets later on.

Therefore, making your bed in the morning protects your sheets from hair and dust mites settling into them.


Avoids Embarrassment

It’s very common to skip making your bed in the mornings because you’re in a rush.

But when you have a visitor unexpectedly, it can be very embarrassing for you to watch them see your messy bedroom. Committing 3 minutes every morning to make your bed can avoid a lot of awkwardness with your guests!


Bed Linen Lasts Longer

Leaving your bed un-made every morning will increase the wrinkles in your linens that are hard to iron out.

If you smooth out the wrinkles in your sheets, duvet covers and plump your pillows every morning – you can keep them looking new for longer!

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