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13 Ways to Give Your Bedroom the Luxury Hotel Feel

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13 Ways to Give Your Bedroom the Luxury Hotel-Feel

What is it about a hotel room that creates the perfect night’s sleep?

Anyone who’s visited a hotel knows the disappointment of returning home to your bedroom. After experiencing the sumptuous sheets and admiring the opulent décor, your bedroom can pale in comparison.

So, why not give your bedroom a hotel-style facelift?

From the luxurious, well-laundered sheets to recreating the stunning interior, here are 13 ways to give your bedroom the luxury hotel feel


Add a Statement Piece of Artwork

Bring out the best in your bedroom!

Hotels often stick to neutral colour schemes, livening the room up with pieces of statement artwork. Why not recreate this at home?

Adding some interesting artwork is a great way to redecorate your room, making it reflect your personality. It can also help give your bedroom a plush hotel feel!


Do Some Decluttering

Hotel rooms are always neat and tidy! Decluttering helps create the calm environment needed for good night’s sleep and helps make your room feel like a sanctuary.

It’s easy to recreate this in your home! Throw away unneeded items and create some space to make your room as neat and organised as possible.

Having a thorough declutter is a great way to feel as though you’ve checked into a boutique hotel for the night! It’s amazing what impact a few small changes can have.


Wrap Up in a Fluffy Duvet

A good duvet makes all the difference!

Opt for a good natural filling duvet such as duck feather, duck down or Hungarian goose down. These fillings give a luxuriously light, breathable feel and drape beautifully just like in hotels!

Fluffy duvets with a 10.5 tog are perfect for year-round use and will allow for an airy feel. If you get hot easily during the night, opt for lighter tog of 7.5. For the warmest night’s sleep possible, choose a duvet with a tog of 13.5.

Treat yourself to a sumptuous duvet at home!


Never Forget the Flat Sheet

To achieve the feel of hotel quality bedding, always use a flat sheet!

The flat sheet is placed between the sleeper and duvet. It’s tucked under your mattress with the top folded over the duvet cover.

Sleeping between two luxuriously soft sheets and a fluffy duvet is a truly heavenly hotel experience!


Layer Some Plump Pillows

You can never have too many pillows, right?

High-quality duck feather or duck down pillows, and lots of them, is a key ingredient to recreating the plush hotel style!

Even though you may only use one when you sleep, keep at least 4 on the bed. The goal here is to create a luxurious cloud-like feeling when you’re relaxing.


Decorate with Candles and Flowers

Don’t underestimate the power of candles and flowers!

There’s no need to splurge on high-quality bouquets or expensive candles, even the cheaper options can give your bedroom the hotel-feel you’re looking for!

However, it’s best to use non-toxic candles, as this will prevent the artificial dyes from releasing harmful chemicals when burnt.

Come home to a sweet-smelling, lavish bedroom every night of the week!

13 Ways to Give Your Bedroom the Luxury Hotel-Feel


Use a Mattress Topper

What makes the bed in a hotel room so comfortable?

If you can’t replace your mattress for a better one, try using a mattress topper.

Adding a high-quality mattress topper can help create a truly authentic hotel experience. Give your bed the sumptuous hotel feel!

A good mattress topper can transform the feel of a worn out, tired mattress. Doze off on a wonderfully soft bed every night of the week!


Put a Throw on the Bed

Adding a bed runner or throw adds a touch of glamour and elegance to neutral-coloured bedding, while creating a cosy feeling at the same time.


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Make Your Bed Perfectly

Every hotel room has a perfectly made bed! This is one of the secrets to why the hotel rooms look so high-end and luxurious.

Although it may seem like a lengthy task, it becomes easy once you get used to it, and is very rewarding to come home to after a long tiring day.

It’s easier than you might think! Here’s a quick guide for how it’s done:

• If you like the crisp look, iron your bedlinen first
• Put on the fitted sheet
• Tuck in the flat sheet neatly
• Smooth out the duvet cover to remove any lumps
• Layer the pillows
• Gracefully lay out the throw

You’ll reap the benefits when it comes to night time!


Create a Lounging Area

Ever wondered why a hotel room feels instantly inviting?

While there’s many reasons, the lounging area plays a huge role in this! It’s nice to have an area solely dedicated to relaxation.

You can easily recreate this at home by adding a statement chair and creating a reading/relaxing corner. This makes the room feel stylish yet comfortable.


Match the Furniture

Opulent pieces of furniture are often associated with hotel rooms!

It can be easier to achieve this look in your own bedroom than you might think.

Changing your headboard and bedside cabinets can instantly change your room without much work.

Hotels often use large lavish statement headboards, and neutral bedside cabinets that often match the headboard. Try this tip and your bedroom will immediately look like a hotel room!


Create Some Mood Lighting

Lighting also play a big role in achieving the cosy warm hotel feel.

Hotels use a lot of warm lighting, for example dimmable ceiling lights, chandeliers, bedroom wall lamps. This helps create a relaxing mood and atmosphere.

Therefore, using warmer light bulbs and investing in some bedroom wall lamps can help you achieve the perfect hotel feel.


Use Luxury Hotel Bed Sheets

Bedding is the most important part of achieving the desired hotel look and feel in your bedroom.

It’s possible to achieve that blissful feeling of hotel grade sheets in your home! Luxury hotel style bedding the perfect way to get a great night’s sleep.

We believe everyone deserves to drift off our luxuriously soft, quality bedding. Our luxurious 100% organic cotton bedding makes you feel as though you’re in a hotel room every night of the week! Browse our full range of bedding here.

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Amazing linen

My new duvet set arrived fast, beautifully presented and as ordered. I love the quality and the feel of Egyptian cotton.

Soooo amazing!

Really beautiful soft and luxurious bedding, totally changed the experience of being cosy in bed! Wonderfully ethical company too which is so hard to find at a great price, amazing and so thankful!

300 TC Natural Cotton Bedding - Excellent

In the past I've had 600 - 1000 thread count bedding from a number of companies. Over the years the quality has deteriorated, basically runs (like in tights or stocking) developing whereby if you hold it up to the light you can see where the cotton has parted, I suspect due to cheaper yarns spun into three or four count thread. These runs very soon develop into tears!
The feel of the bedding was also very harsh.

Now, I received my Nour order and washed them as per the supplied instructions. When dry, I carefully scrutinised them for faults and can happily say they look perfect.

I fitted the bedding and my first night's sleep I was amazed at how soft they are . . . I mean stroking the pillowcase amazed to feel the softness! (The thought that came to mind was the softness of stroking a two-day old foal).

The fitted sheet is a good, secure fit over a 10 inch deep mattress, it doesn't peel off during the night.
The flat sheet again, is a good size, tucks in securely.
The pillow cases are a good size, very slightly loose on the pillows but this is good as the pillows don't try to force themselves out of the pillowcases with movement.

Being natural cotton, the stitching is a perfect colour match and the hems are a good size, well sewn and very neat.

Overall, I am very pleased with this quality bedding and to anybody interesting in new bedding, I can genuinely say you will not be disappointed.

I, personally, will definitely buy Nour bedding again.

Quality Bedding

Very happy with my purchase. Bedding is so soft and luxurious to sleep in. Wonderful quality and just as described. I’m very impressed!

Quality organic cotton. Lovely colour.

I have previously purchased 2 bed sets in pewter and love everything about them. Both the colour and the feel of the cotton. So comfortable for sleeping. Feels pure and fresh. Just decided to buy another sheet.
When I buy another bed set it will definitely be from Nour. Will probably go for white next time to have a change.