No More Tossing and Turning: How to Sleep When Stressed

How to sleep when stressed


Can’t sleep because of stress?

Everyone knows the frustration of lying in awake bed with an overactive mind and a tired body. But, those of us who are stressed will suffer from this more than most.

No one deserves to wake up in the morning as tired as the night before!

So, if you’ve started to dread night-time because simply can’t switch off, here’s how to sleep when stressed.


Create the Perfect Sleeping Environment

Give yourself a reason to look forward to getting into bed at night!

Try to make your bedroom a serene sanctuary that you can’t help but drift off in. Stress can make you hate sleep, so creating the right environment will help change your outlook on bedtime.

Whether it’s playing relaxing night-time music or setting some mood lighting, make sure you help your bedroom feel welcoming again. Here are some other top tips for stress and sleep:

• Use an eye mask
• Make your bedroom colder than usual, as this will encourage you to snuggle up
• Use a fan to help block out noise
• Get some blackout blinds
• Use noise-cancelling ear plugs

You’ll be sleeping like a baby again in no time!


Set a Bedtime

If you can’t sleep due to stress, have a set bedtime and commit to it.

Falling asleep when stressed can be difficult, sometimes almost impossible, but committing to a bedtime will help get you into good habits.

Forcing yourself to go to bed at a certain time gets you into a routine, which is much better for your body than going to sleep at random.

Ideally, the average adult needs between 7 to 9 hours sleep a night. Teenagers need around 8-10. But, this can sound easier said than done if stress is making you unable to sleep.

This is where relaxation techniques before bed will become hugely important.


Take a Relaxing Bath

Wondering how to relax before bed when stressed? Take a warm bath!

Never underestimate the power of a bath before bed. The more bubbles the better!

Having a bath isn’t a luxury only reserved for a pamper night. In fact, if you’re unable to sleep at night due to stress, it can be the perfect medicine.

It will help relax your muscles, soothe any sores and generally help you unwind before bed. The benefits are endless!


Stop Drinking Caffeine at Midday

Not drinking caffeine after noon can sound near-impossible for some, however, it’s important.

Caffeine will keep you awake at night and raise your heartrate, which are two things you’re trying to avoid if you can’t sleep due to stress and anxiety!

Think ‘swaps’. Do you like green tea? Hot chocolate?

Giving up caffeine is one of the best ways to overcome sleep problems! Try it to see if it helps you sleep better.


How to sleep when stressed


Try Breathing Exercises Before Bed

Falling asleep when stressed can feel like a near-impossible task. However, the breathing exercises and meditation used in yoga are perfect for those wondering how to relieve stress before bed.

If yoga isn’t for you, try simple and slow breathing exercises. These will help relax both your body and mind, getting you in the right frame of mind before bed.

Practice breathing through your left nostril alone. Simply hold your right nostril shut and try to take 26 long, deep breaths as slowly as possible.

This exercise will help your body get into relaxation mode.


Change Your Mindset

If you keep thinking to yourself ‘I’m stressed I can’t sleep’, you’ll only make the situation worse, as your body will tense up and you’ll start to panic.

Stress-related insomnia is often made worse by the sufferer becoming fearful of sleep. Therefore, it’s essential you change your mindset.

Instead of dreading getting into bed at night, remind yourself of how good you’ll feel after sleeping. Shifting your perspective is all in the mind!

Tell yourself you’re going to relax, and it’s likely you will.

‘Mind over matter’ can sometimes help the symptoms of stress and insomnia!


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Read Before Bed

Unsure how to get to sleep when stressed? If you enjoy reading, pick up a book before bed.

This will help make you more tired, as well as allow you to escape from everyday reality and the stresses of the day for a while.

Try to set at least an hour aside before bed purely for relaxation. While it can be hard to find time for yourself, it’s important if you’re suffering from insomnia caused by stress.


Switch Off All Electricals

Sometimes we all need a screen detox!

Particularly if you’re stressed about work and can’t sleep, getting away from anything that reminds you of your job is a good idea.

Give yourself a break!

The monotonous, never-ending stream of your social media also isn’t something you need if you can’t sleep because of stress! Swap your phone for a good book.


Avoid Big Meals Before Bed

When you can’t sleep, stress is often a leading factor. However, there are things you might be unwittingly doing before bed that are preventing you from sleeping and making the situation worse.

When it comes to how to sleep when stressed, try and give your body no reason to keep you awake. One way to do this is by eating a small, sleepy meal before bed, such as soup. Think warm and comforting!

A big meal before bed, such as a sugary binge on chocolate snacks, will only make your sleeping problems worse. This, in turn, will add to your stress as you toss and turn in the night. It’s a vicious cycle!

Therefore, eating smaller meals should help prevent this from happening.


Sleep on Comfortable Sheets

As mentioned earlier, give yourself a reason to look forward to bedtime! There’s nothing worse than uncomfortable, rough sheets that are all you can think about when you struggle to sleep.

So, wrapping up in soft cotton sheets is the perfect ingredient to a good night’s rest.

Need help with how to sleep when stressed? Indulge in our luxuriously soft, organic cotton bedding! Our sheets allow for the perfect balance between comfort and breathability, helping you get to sleep every night of the week. Browse our full range of luxury bedding here.