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Luxury Organic Cotton White Bedding Sets


Designer: Nour Luxury


Add a touch of class to your bedroom. Indulge in our luxury white bedding sets for maximised comfort and a rejuvenating sleep. It’s easy to think white linens have no personality. However, white bedding can be extremely versatile, pulling off a crisp and effortless look.

Our lightweight sheets ensure the perfect balance between breathability and being gentle on sensitive skin.

It’s the perfect finishing touch to your bedroom. Treat yourself or your loved one to the perfect luxury bed and an incredible night’s sleep!

Our Full Luxury White Bedding Sets Include:

1 Duvet Cover, 1 Fitted Sheet, 2 Oxford Pillowcases (1 Oxford pillowcase for Single Sets)

  • Wrapped in our beautiful recycled material gift box
  • Made ethically using Fair Trade™ Certified cotton
  • 100% organic cotton (GOTS certified) with eco-friendly, non-toxic dyes
  • 300 single-ply thread count using long-staple cotton gives a lovely subtle lustre and a buttery soft feel against your skin

Our Luxury Organic Duvet Sets Sizes:

  • Single
  • Double 
  • King

Whoever said organic can’t mean luxury?

Our entire range of products is ethically sourced from seed to sheet and use only the highest quality cotton. We pride ourselves in knowing you won’t find softer bed linen anywhere else.

We guarantee breathability through our low thread count (300), matching that of Egyptian cotton. When it comes to temperature regulating, the material in your cotton duvet keeps you warm while feeling soft and comfortable.

As a result of our organically sourced material, your cotton bed is free of unwanted chemicals and pesticides. This can usually pose a problem to people with sensitive skin.

Sleep easier knowing where your sheets come from, and that you’ve played a part in improving the lives of others!

Enjoy the ultimate five-star hotel experience with our premium white luxury bedding sets.

Our Approach:

There’s several reasons in favour of organic production. For one, there’s no reason for your perfect bed to be be tainted by poor production or working conditions. Natural cotton and genetically modified cotton differ in their production, their effect on consumers and on the farmers who source it.


The production of genetically modified cotton has a substantial impact on the Earth and the environment. The chemicals used to create and process this type of cotton kills a lot of animals and insects each year. Some species are at threat of extinction due to an unbalanced food chain.

Not to mention the amount of insecticide and pesticide used.

Organic cotton on the other hand is NOT grown synthetically. Strict regulations also mean that any chemicals used have to meet a set of requirements or they can’t be used.

Effects on the Consumers

The chemicals and insecticides used in synthetic cotton production get absorbed into the material, meaning there are still trace amounts even after being processed. This can have negative long term effects on the ones wearing the clothes.

For those with allergies or sensitive skin in general, coming into contact with these types of cottons can be especially harmful. The last thing you want is for your white bedding set to provide the opposite of luxury.

In contrast, organic cotton keeps no trace of the chemicals used, meaning no negative side effects. The material is more comfortable because of its softness, and has even been said to smell better!

Effects on the Farmer

The worst effect is on the farmers who source the non-organic cotton. They’re exposed to terrible conditions and absorb more chemicals compared to the small amounts that reach the consumer.

Health benefits aside, farmers are forced to pay a lot of money for genetically modified seeds, putting them in a cycle of debt. Organic cotton seeds are far cheaper and more manageable for most farmers.

This is extremely important. An large number of farmers commit suicide because of their poor conditions, which is unacceptable.

The reasons above highlight why it’s important to go for organic cotton. It’s important to sell ethical bidding because it’s something we should all be aware of when purchasing any product.

Fair Trade certified products make a bigger difference than you’d expect. Contributing towards Fair Trade means fairer conditions for those making the products you use.

Those in more disadvantaged corners of the world will benefit if we strive towards a fairer system. A fairer system ensures better working conditions and fairer prices for farmers and factory workers. This helps the environment and ends up with a better result for the consumer.

Your Contribution:

At Nour Luxury, you can make an active contribution. For every product sold, a portion is given to Penny Appeal’s “Thirst Relief” project.

The project builds water wells in a number of developing countries. Any contribution, big or small, can really make a difference.

We take our access to clean water for granted, and while it’s a necessity, over 750 million people around the world don’t have that same access.

Every minute, three children die from drinking contaminated water.

Building water wells means more access to clean water. In turn, thousands of lives are saved everyday.

Building wells isn’t just beneficial for water access. Local wells also mean people won’t have to travel far for water. They can focus their time on other aspects of life, including education and work.

Taking a portion of our profits and putting them into this project can help a number of people. Clean water is a route out of poverty for many. Drinking, washing and growing crops can all result in healthier lives and better chances for the future, which many around the world simply don’t have. For every white bedding set sold, there are a few more people whose lives have been changed for the better.

As a bonus, you can track the charity’s progress and feel secure in your contribution. When a well is built, a feedback report will be sent back to us, as well as images of the well in action. We’ll update the site with those images, so you can see the people you’re supporting and the positive impact it’s making on their lives.

So make your contribution by adding this luxury white bedding set to your cart now. If you’d prefer an alternative colour, we also sell an organic bedding set in Pewter.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Lovely & soft

We are really pleased with our Nour luxury duvet set. The fabric is beautifully soft and feels so light!
Very happy

Best sheets I've ever had!

The sheets are so soft, I couldn't believe they were organic! Perfect for summer as they are very breathable but keep you warm as well.
Have recommended to everyone I know, thanks Nour Luxury!

Gorgeous and ethical

Really lovely quality bed linen - and beautifully packaged - Wishing more ethical products had this level of attention to detail.


These sheets are so light like air, yet they keep me soo warm and snug. I have always suffered from night sweats and it always disrupts my sleep, but this bedding has changed that!! Ever since I have started sleeping in these sheets I haven't woken up once in the middle of the night! They keep me really warm but never over heat me. The bonus is that they are just so so soft! Wish I could tell the world about this bedding company they are fabulous!

Really, Really good

We bought Nour bedding for our kids beds wanting something ethically sourced, as soon as we had it in their beds we ordered ourselves some for ourselves.

It really is fantastic bedding, it is really very soft but also really light. Interestingly we are warmer in bed and I can only think that this bedding is so much lighter than our previous bedding that it allows the duvet to hold more air and insulate is better.

It really does give a luxury feel to our bedding. We spent a lot on our mattress, duvet and bedding a few years ago and yet the new bedding from Nour have given it a whole new sense of comfort and luxury.

The day after we slept in it we ordered a second set so that we don’t have to rotate through our old bedding set.

It’s worth every penny

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Lovely & soft

We are really pleased with our Nour luxury duvet set. The fabric is beautifully soft and feels so light!
Very happy

Wonderful quality

Me and my wife love these sheets, we slept extremely well the first night that i had to go and buy 2 more sets so we didnt have to rotate our old ones again. High quality, luxurious and soft.
Have bought several bedding expensive and inexpensive, but Nour bedding is now definitely our favourite.

feels like silk

Finally a bedding that claims it is soft and actually means it! I have bought several sateen bedding from big companies only to find them coarse even after several washes. But Nour bedding is another level of softness especially after few washes. very happy customer.

These are Quality sheets

Beautiful quality sheets, incredibly soft and great to know they are ethically made. would recommend washing them at-least 3 times to get the WOW softness. still cant believe these are softer than my Egyptian cotton sheets! will be buying more.